I kicked statistics in the teeth.

I learned a little bit more about surrender…what it is and what it is not.

I learned that anxiety has no place in the life of a Christian (again).

I was challenged in my faith.

I was buoyed by the support of my family, friends and coworkers.

I cried through a sunday school lesson…that I was teaching. Twice.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that it’s impossible to use the phrase, “I don’t mean to brag…” without doing exactly that.

I stumbled.

I was set free.

I learned to delegate.

I lost, then gained, and am losing again, twelve pounds. Sigh.

I am learning to face my jealousy/envy issues head on.

I have considered the blessings in my life and can only marvel at God’s bountiful, lavish love.

I made it through the Old Testament.

I went to Israel!

I trusted.

I let go of some of my own rules. As it turns out, there’s freedom beyond those boundaries!

I went to eastern Tennessee: Knoxville, Wartburg, Oak Ridge and Gatlinburg.

I fell deeply, wildly in love.

I considered motherhood.

I laughed.

I made new friends.

I said goodbye to others.

I cried with friends.

I celebrated.

I drove a muscle car.

I pushed myself.

I acknowledged my limits.

I failed, but I also had some successes.

I let fear win less often.

This last year has been a fantastic odyssey in learning about God, my family, my friends, my work and the goals I have for myself. I have made mistakes in my life, with my time/energy/talents, and I can burn a lot more energy being sad and stressed out about that, but I’ve come to realize—and I’m a little late to this party, so pardon me—that it matters more what I do next with what I now know. Aha!

I think that great change is coming in the next year and I’m excited. Let’s go!

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