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Today is my wedding day!

I never thought I’d type those words when applied to me, but it’s true! I’ll get married this afternoon and will become a wife and a stepmom, a niece and a cousin-by-marriage and a sister-in-law to many folks I haven’t met yet (I’ve met the two who’ll make me a wife and stepmom…that part’s covered!). I am so excited! I can’t quite sleep tonight because I want to savor this experience and drink it all in. I never knew God would fulfill my desire for a husband to love, but I’m so much more blessed by his provision than I ever thought possible. S is a perfect match for me in so many ways, but ultimately, he points me to the Lord. Through my relationship with him, I have grown closer to the Lord than ever before, and that is what God wants from/for us!

I’m so thankful that S not only a: generally sees me in the most charitable light, he b: believes the good stuff to be true. It sounds simple, but he is the only person I’ve dated for whom both statements are true. Because he believes in me, it helps for the good stuff to be more than aspirational, it becomes descriptive. In other words, S believes I’m kind, so I begin to see myself as kind, act accordingly, and suddenly, I’m kind! I love that he does that for me. I pray I can have a similar impact on him!

The hour is late and it’s time for me to get some sleep. I am so thankful to God for bringing S and me together. He is the man of my dreams and I love him. I can’t wait to marry him and to be his wife.

Let’s do this!

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